Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CO2 vs CO

You hear it everyday from the media, politicians, actors, etc.

GLOBAL WARMING or the easier to explain name GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.

Just today, while listening to the radio, I heard that CO2 is destroying our atmosphere and if we don't get it under control the earth is going to die and us along with it.

So my carbon based brain started thinking about this and it got really confused.

Brain chime in here please;

Brain: CO2 = carbon dioxide

Me: You are correct

Brain: Plants use CO2 for life and give off oxygen

Me: Correct again

Brain: Mammals use O2 and give off CO2

Me: Correct again

Brain: This means we need to kill all mammals to help lower CO2 emissions

Get with the program people; it is not the CO2 that is the problem it is the CO otherwise known as carbon monoxide. Jeez how stupid can they be!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crappy Economy and the Credit Crunch

I read this morning that Barrack Hussien Obama plans to meet with the credit card companies in an effort to reduce interest rates and increase disclosure. He is doing this so that the 80% of Americans who have a credit card can feel confident in thier use especially in these hard times.

Let me hark back to the days of yore, actualy not that much yore. The credit card as we know it today originally made it debut in 1958, yes there were some types of credit cards issued by a particular store but Visa, Mastercard and AMEX did not come around until 1958 or so.

How the crap did people live prior to 1958, I mean, where did they get the money to purchase big ticket items, or outfit themselves with a brand new wardrobe, or even just put gas in the car and buy a bottle of soda? They used this amazing little item quaintly reffered to as CASH!

I have heard so many times from young folks how thier parents and grandparents always seem to have money. They seem to think the older generations had a secret formula that allowed them to retire and live out thier lives in realative comfort.

The secret is, THEY DID NOT USE CREDIT! What you say, of course they did, how else did they buy that house, or that car, or that etc. Cash me boyo, cold hard cash!

Once you free yourselves from debt and make the determination that you will forever more never take another drop of credit from anyone you will be amazed at how good you feel everyday.

I personally look at these folks driving the fancy cars and living in the fancy houses and laugh my ass off all the way to the bank, LITERALLY!!!!!!!

I don't worry about my credit rating, I don't worry about someoen stealing my credit card, I don't worry about any of that crap cause I don't use it. It is very liberating when you realize that your credit rating has nothing to do with your character or your financial health. I save, pay my bills and BUY WITH CASH!

I do not have a 72 inch plasma screen, why? Because I don't want to part with my cash. I do not have a 20 foot power boat, why? Cause I like my money better.

Someday when I am around 55 I will retire and live in comfort on what I saved, maybe then I will get those things when I can enjoy them, EVERYDAY if I want to. Or maybe not, maybe I will just buy an island in the South Pacific, sit on the beach and wait to die.

The one thing I am sure of is this, whatever I decide to do I will do it without using credit and without stress.

I think the interest rates on new credit cards should be 100% that way people won't use them and be forced to live by the old addage, if you dan't have the money don't spend the money, also known as don't live on more than you earn!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Carnival season is upon those of us lucky enough to live in a place where magic and mystery herald in the new year.

For those of you unfamiliar with carnival it begins January 6th and finishes at midnight on Fat Tuesday. For 2009 this is February 24th. During this time over 5 dozen parades will roll through downtown and the surrounding areas. Millions of throws will be caught and treasured. Ladies in elaborate ball gowns will be seen with their dapperly dressed gentlemen making their way to the private balls held by each Krewe.

Most interesting of all there is no coordinating body. Carnival just happens, much like Christmas or Easter. Each Krewe just decides where it will parade and then does it.

My carnival season kicked off this past Sunday night at the House of Blues, New Orleans. My wife and I ate dinner and then headed to Bourbon for a walkabout before returning to The House of Blues to see Hank III and AssJack.

New Orleans was the first stop on their 2009 tour and they rocked the house! There is nothing like hellbilly music played loud and proud. While standing in line we spoke with the Daniel Mason, the banjo players, mother who was following her son on tour. They had driven down from Tenessee for the show. He is only 19 and has been playing for about two years, spoke with Daniel later and was very impressed. Hats off to you on Smoke and Wine!

Before Hank III came on I caught of glimpse of Shelton standing in the shadows of the stage while The Poor Bastards played. I gave him the horns and he shot back the double bird, thank you Hank.

Tonight we are headed out with the kids to see the Krewe of Orpheus ride in Mandeville. No plans yet for Saturday but we will be on Bourbon with friends on Monday (Lundi Gras) and on Canal with the kids for the Krewe of Rex on Tuesday (Mardi Gras).

As a parting shot here is the man himself with Daniel Mason on Smoke and wine, Enjoy..........


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where Da Poor Folks

As I sit at home watching the news I ponder on the days events and find myself confused.

The economy is bad and a recession is here so why is everyone spending money on Christmas this year?

At the mall, the parking stalls are full, and the approach is packed with gift buying fools.

Inside I see a crowd so thick that you could kill a dozen with an Ernest Bass brick.

I find a spot for my car to repose as I prepare to join the crowd of broke souls.

Where does it come from where does it go? The money we spend on our toys and our clothes.

When times were bad during the depression of old, a penny and an orange was a gift untold.

Today on the brink we spend, spend, spend hoping Obama will make it all end.

A stimulus package that may be the key but it looks just like welfare if you want to ask me.

For all of the broke folks out there in the malls, go home you dumb asses and stare at your walls.

Get out of debt, throw away all your cards, save up your money and stay out of the bars.

Don't look to Obama to die on a cross, he won't save you without a large cost.

Tax for the rich and none for the poor the government will give it until there's no more.

Robbing from Peter without paying Paul. Go home yon retards stay out of the mall.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Golden Plates

A person I know was talking to me one day about various religions and weird beliefs. At some point the LDS church was brought up and questions were asked regarding many of our beliefs, one of which was the Golden Plates. It was mentioned that the plates, if made of gold, would have weighed to much for Joseph Smith to be running around the woods hiding out from his would be persecutors. Of course this made me think so I went to my trusty old computer and did a little online research. I then took this data and decided to do a little experiment. The following are the facts and the myths associated with the plates.

The first argument presented is how much would a block of gold, the dimensions of which have been reported by Joseph Smith to be 6 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches, weigh.

For me this is really simple to figure out. I used my trusty engineering skills to create a solid model of a block of gold at the prescribed dimensions in cyber space. Here are the results.

A solid Block of gold at the mentioned dimensions would weigh around 235 pounds.

Now in my opinion this would be impossible for one man to pack around in a cloth bag while running, etc. I know I couldn't do it, I could lift this much weight but not move around with it very fast.

Now before anyone gets all freaky deaky on me keep reading.

First of all we need to keep in mind the plates were not a solid block of gold but a series of thin sheets about as thick as common tin. So the next thing I needed to determine was how thick is common tin at the time of JS? With a little research I found that common tin was about .02 inch thick. about the same thickenss as the typical phone book cover.

Next assuming the plates were handmade and didn't lay flat against one another I needed to figure out how much air space would have been present.

For this I allowed a 40% reduction of the total area. This gave me dimensions, assuming at this point there were no gaps and modeling a solid block, of 6 x 8 x 4.125 inches.

At these dimensions the block would have had a total volume of 198 cubic inches. Entering this into my computer I found that pure gold would weigh in at 136 pounds. In my opinion more managrable but still heavier than what any man could reasonably hope to pack around while running. So this creates another dilema which I had to solve.

Back to the internet for a little more research.

First of all J.S. never said the plates were made of gold only that they had the appearance of gold. Therefore it can be assumed that it was very possible and most likely that the plates would have been made of an alloy. But what alloy?

The interenet revealed an alloy used commonly by the mayan and Aztec which was made using a mixture of copper and gold. For the most part this alloy was 97% copper and 3% gold. With a few calculations I determined that if the plates were made from solid copper they would have weighed about.....

63.7 lbs

If made from the alloy mentioned above they would weigh in at 66 lbs.

Now I asked myself, could a person pack around a 66 pound weight while running through the woods, jumping logs, brush etc.? For this I went out to the shop and cut me a block of steel that weighed in a 66 pounds. Yes it was larger in size than the plates would have been but I wanted to see just how hard it would be to pack this around.

Here is what I found.

I could heft the block and holding it near my body move freely about with it. I don't think I could have run very far or done any leaping over logs and running through brush. Now J.S had the plates in a bag so he could have potentially threw the bag over a shoulder which would have better facilitated the running and jumping although they still would have been difficult.

Now because I am practical I thought to myself. Who cares about the weight? Lets assume J.S. was filled with the spirit and was easily able to carry this block all nimbly pimbly around the woods.

The real question becomes, how many plates at .02 inch would there have been and were there enough plates to store the information contained in the Book of Mormon?

By my calculations there would have been 206.25 plates in the entire book including the sealed portion. I have no idea how much data could be contained on these plates as I am not familiar with the egyptian language but I assume it is a possibility.

In my humble opinion it is possible that J.S. could have packed the plates around and the data contained thereon was enough to write the BOM. OF course there are many other factors to consider, like how corrosion would have effected the alloy of two dissimilar metals who's places on the galvanic scale are far enough apart to cause corosion of each other just by contact, or how copper tends to corrode over time when exposed to air and moisture. Another question I have is how they would have created plates only .02 inches thick with any consistency using the rudimentary metal working tools of the time.

Honestly I think this is an interesting subject and if I had all the time in the world it would be interesting to pursue further. Finding out more about the ancient inhabitants of the America's and their metallurgical skills.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Speaking of Hidden Agenda's

I just watched "THe Last Mimsy" with my children. To say this movie sucked is an understatement.

Just some background, two kids find some "toys" on the beach near Seattle. These toys have special powers and one, a stuffed rabbit, can talk. Well talk isn't really what it does, it sounds like a cross between Charlie Brown's teacher and the little Robot on Buck Rogers. In essence these toys give the kids special ability's and of course the big bad government gets involved.

In the end we find out that this whole movie was really about saving the environment and how the "typical alien" is really just a human in a suit designed to protect humans from the toxic environment.

Honestly I don't know why I continued to sit through this movie. It sucked, it was not even halfway creative, the story line was atrocious, and talk about campy, it should win an award!

I just love how movie folk feel the need to broadcast their environmental views on the big screen in the form of children's movies. Every children's movie I see lately has the environment as it's main subject, thinly veiled in some cutesy poopsie kids stuff.

What ever happened to Uncle Remus?

Close Your Mind

o·pen-mind·ed (pn-mndd)
Having or showing receptiveness to new and different ideas or the opinions of

othersclose-mind·ed (klsmndd, klz-) or closed-mind·ed (klzd-)
Intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others; stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas

An open mind is nothing like a whore that anyone can ride for the price of admission.

An open mind allows a person to entertain new ideas without absently rejecting those thoughts or ideas out of hand. Do these thoughts and ideas need to be judged? Yes. Is everything that enters the mind wholesome? No. In order to filter out the good from the bad the mind must first be open to all information and then allow that information to be filtered out accordingly.

A closed mind is a mind that does not have a filter. Instead, like a closed and locked glass door, everything can be seen for a second prior to the thought bouncing back off but nothing is allowed inside for further scrutiny. This type of mind has led to wars, extermination of knowledge, the death of Christ, the imprisonment of great minds, etc.

It is true in this world that most information is given with some type of agenda. Who to vote for, what to eat, who to worship, how to worship, etc.

Some Examples,

Gallileo, stating that the Earth rotated around the sun, heretical at the time

Fat is bad, okay but what about fat folks, do they not like being fat? Is it wrong? Who knows?

Meat is bad for you, a lie put forth by the animal rights activists. Or don't you believe in God because the scriptures tell us that animals were put on the earth for mans consumption and to not eat meat is a sin. I know everyone will argue this so feel free and then read the BOM

Speaking of which, The Book of Mormon, agenda? Should we not allow our children to read this book until they are old enough to judge for themselves the truthfulness? Or....is this somehow different?

Golden Compass, how sinister a plot to get children to hate God. IF parents are doing their job why would the child hate God based on a book or movie?

A Work and A glory, hmmmm agenda here, naw coudln't be. Although I have read that this author has gone on record stating his belief in God and the fact that all people should read his book as their faith will grow, etc.

I know everyone will be offended by this but I am trying to make a point here. Everyone in this world has different beliefs. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong?

Next argument, but we know whats right and we know whats wrong based on gospel principles. Ok but how does the rest of the world see us? Do they know what we know? Do we know what we think we know?

Not all is as it seems, perhaps a little filtered mindedness is needed.